LUKOIL International Services B.V.
LUKOIL International Services B.V.

General Information

LUKOIL International Services B.V. is a subsidiary company of PJSC LUKOIL, which manages hydrocarbon exploration and production projects in the Middle East.

LUKOIL International Services B.V. oversees activity of the following entities: LUKOIL Mid-East (Iraq, West Qurna-2 project), LUKOIL Overseas Iraq Exploration (Iraq, Block 10 project), LUKOIL Overseas Anaran (Iran), JV LUKSAR (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), LUKOIL Overseas Egypt (Egypt).

The main goals of the Company are implementation of large-scale oil and gas production projects by applying innovation technologies and advanced equipment, expansion of the resource base, preserving the environment, rational use of natural resources, increasing economic stability and boosting development of social infrastructure in the areas of the Company’s operations.

In 2015, about 11 million tons of oil was produced in the Middle East, which constitutes 73% of the overall production under international projects. The West Qurna-2 field in Iraq makes the bulk of the production.